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A guide to making mountains out of mustard seeds

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The popular proverb राई का पहाड़ stands for a perpetual exaggeration of a teeny-tiny idea or act. Copy-Right questions the idea of ownership and its absurd repetition in the capitalist society much like that of tiny mustard seeds that are stacked one on top of the other to create a mountain as illustrated
in the following tutorial.

Follow these steps to build your own राई का पहाड़ beside the ones you are
surrounded by 24/7-

Step 1: Buy or order online as many packets of different mustard seed brands as you can
Step 2: Empty the seeds on any desired surface very slowly and tactically to avoid any spilling
Step 3: Repeat the process again and again until you are satisfied with the size of the mountain
Step 4: Click a picture of the mustard seed mountain with your latest smartphone and post it on Instagram or Facebook
Step 5: Sit back and enjoy a mountain of mustard seeds!

Participating Artists

Divyesh Undaviya
Nihaal Faizal
Poonam Jain

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