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On a walk

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On a walk’ explores different forms of the simple act of walking. Through artworks across mediums by Ashima Ahamzadi, Pallavi Paul and Salik Ansari the exhibition presents how a walk can relate to the city, it can be a social, political and a personal experience.

In the way of sauntering, a seemingly inconsequential act leads to observing, reflecting, making sense and dreaming. In addition to furthering our wellbeing walking is often a peaceful way of resistance in the form of Satyagraha or to the recent farmer’s marches. It is also a deeply personal experience, with gender shaping it for individuals across time and places. A lot of the occupations of India lead to ‘walas’ ‘phoolwala’ ‘kulfiwala’ ‘mithaiwala’ ‘bhelpuriwala’ where labour is inherent to walking. This exhibition explores walking as something crucial to creativity, as an act of resistance, as a form of labour and as a gendered activity.

Participating Artists

Ashima Ahamzadi
Pallavi Paul
Salik Ansari

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