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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Translations of a Hermit

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Translations of a Hermit is a visual account of the nature of contemplation and isolation in one’s life. It brings forward texts and memorabilia from a detailed archive of the late Manuj Babu Mishra, who deliberately chose to confine himself within the four walls of his home during the last three decades of his life.

This exhibition is an attempt to grasp the rich inner world he inhabited, despite the perceived banality of his surroundings. It brings alive notable elements of those thirty years, through the work of six contemporary artists who bring in their narratives of living with oneself.

The connection between the visual and textual introduces the notion of time as a non-linear concept while also tracing unique resonances between the archive and the artists. The non-linearity juxtaposes dynamism of contemporaneity alongside the inclination towards tradition, creating a space for unprecedented possibilities and outcomes to materialise.

A thread of yearning that spans multiple time periods is found to run alongside each work, making its viewers acknowledge and embrace the magnitude and multifaceted nature of experiencing isolation.

The late veteran artist spent years in his life sifting through the human condition, processing, deconstructing, reconstructing and transcribing what he found on his odyssey. It continues to stimulate people from all walks to look deeper, think longer – may it do the same for you.

Participating Artists

01 Jupiter Pradhan
02 Pooja Duwal
03 Prakash Ranjit
04 Sanod Maharjan
05 Sunil Pandey
06 Vridhhi Chaudhry

Participating Gallery

Danfe Arts

Participating Museum

Mishra Museum

Acknowledgements: Roshan Mishra, Deepmala Maharjan, Akash Maharjan, Bishwo Manandhar, Pooja Poudel

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