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Ek Bada Accha Dost

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The book ‘Ek Bada Accha Dost’ is the story of an unlikely friendship, one that transcends differences and the boundaries of singularity. Written by Babak Sabri in Farsi, translated into Hindi by Shashi Sablok, and published by Ektara – Takshila’s World of Imagination the book was chosen for the pilot session for its universal themes.

Ek Bada Accha Dost provided multiple avenues for discussion about ourselves as people, and the world around us. The ice-breaking activities that preceded the reading session were developed to make the children think, and talk to each other, creating a sense of comfort and safety for the reading itself.

The session was attended by Aanchal, Aarushi, Aditya, Aditya, Alok, Anjali, Deep, Diya, Lutan, Marwa, Md Ayaan, Misti, Nancy, Navya, Niharika, Nitin, Piyush, Preet, Ronit, Sadat, Saurav, Seema, Tanu, Tanvi, Uday, Vanshika, Yasmin, and Yogesh.

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