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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Fursat ki Fizayen

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Divya Chopra and Rwitee Mandal’s project Fursat ki Fizayen @fursat_ki_fizayen in Madan Khadar, New Delhi seeks to explore and understand the spatial realities of young, single, working women living at the margins – geographically, socially and economically – and to artistically interpret the daily negotiations and narratives of these women in reclaiming spaces in the city for leisure in their own unique ways. The enquiry will be specifically concerned with ways in which young women claim access to the site of power – the public domain – through various channels which give them back control of their own image-making. Curated stories of women, showing their presence, their strength, their resilience in contested urban spaces will capture an alternative reality of these women in public life. Such stories will be used as a means to understand and question the world as it affects women enjoying leisure

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