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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Peripheries And Crossovers: Art As Social Practice 2020

Peripheries & Crossovers: Art As Social Practice is a multi-city socially engaged art project that aims to demonstrate art's role as an agent for change. Spanning several locations and covering diverse artistic practices, the project hopes to affect cultural shifts to counter gender-based injustice and address issues around urbanisation in India. The project treats local context(s) seriously and sensitively.


About this edition

For the year 2020, Khoj is delighted to announce the start of 5 new projects across India as part of Peripheries & Crossovers: art as social practice. The participants for this year are Baaraan Ijlal, Divya Chopra & Rwitee Mandal, Jasmeen Patheja, Sanyukta Saha and Shweta Bhattad. These projects will focus on violence against women, gender stereotyping and effects of urbanisation on gender-based inequalities. Through these distinct and diverse creative approaches, Khoj will continue to map the ecosystem that contributes to the landscape of socially engaged art practice in South Asia, and also continue to believe in the agency and responsibility of art and artists to affect social change.

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