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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Peripheries And Crossovers: Art As Social Practice 2020

Peripheries & Crossovers: Art As Social Practice is a multi-city socially engaged art project that aims to demonstrate art's role as an agent for change. Spanning several locations and covering diverse artistic practices, the project hopes to affect cultural shifts to counter gender-based injustice and address issues around urbanisation in India. The project treats local context(s) seriously and sensitively.


About this edition

For the year 2020, Khoj is delighted to announce the start of 5 new projects across India as part of Peripheries & Crossovers: art as social practice. The participants for this year are Baaraan Ijlal, Divya Chopra & Rwitee Mandal, Jasmeen Patheja, Sanyukta Saha and Shweta Bhattad. These projects will focus on violence against women, gender stereotyping and effects of urbanisation on gender-based inequalities. Through these distinct and diverse creative approaches, Khoj will continue to map the ecosystem that contributes to the landscape of socially engaged art practice in South Asia, and also continue to believe in the agency and responsibility of art and artists to affect social change.

Call for Applications

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Application Deadline
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Khoj  is inviting applications from artists and creative practitioners for its three year, multicity socially-engaged art project in peri-urban spaces across India entitled Peripheries & Crossovers: art as social practice.

In 2019,  Khoj supported four, year-long projects in Kochi, Kapashera, Goa and Kolkata. These hyper-local  projects are attempting to address cultural norms and narratives around gender and racial and ethnic others. They are also attempting to create participatory frameworks for art-making and wish to  explore collaborations with civil society organisations to build a shared vocabulary around what artistic practice can bring to the definition of ‘social change’.

In continuation with the above, Khoj  once again invites proposals for year-long socially-engaged art projects across peri-urban spaces in India that focus on violence against women, gender stereotyping and effects of urbanisation on gender-based inequalities.We support  projects that are embedded in their local context and focus on process more than outcome. The project must seek to be a catalyst for social change or the medium of an unprecedented conversation. It is imperative that the project outcome is fully realised within the community and has the possibility of an afterlife.

This programme is supported by the Ford Foundation.

Preliminary Application Process & Guidelines

Please answer these questions and send them with your CV (PDF format) and Letter of Intent (one page) on ART AS SOCIAL PRACTICE 2020

– What is your understanding of a collaborative socially-engaged art practice? (300 words max)

– Tell us something about your art practice through one of your projects. (300 words max)

– How do you propose to address issues related to gender and urbanisation through your art practice? (300 words max)

– Tell us a little about the peri-urban area you will be working in through this project. What is your relationship with that space? (200 words max)

*This is the first round and shortlisted candidates will be expected to submit a more detailed strategy with project outline, budget breakdown, details of collaborations and desired outcomes for the second round. Please find important dates below.

Important Dates

– Application Start Date – Friday, 10th January, 2020

– Deadline for Application Submission – Sunday,1st March, 2020

Who can apply?

– Individual creative practitioners or collectives, artists, film makers, theatre practitioners, art educators are all encouraged to apply

– All age ranges but must reside in India

Support Overview 

– Number of projects: 5

– Support amount: UPTO INR 600,000/- for each project

– Engagement period/project duration: 1 year from the start date

For any queries write to

Manjiri Dube –

T: +91- 11-  29545274

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