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Towards Feminist Futures

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Towards Feminist Futures works with the vision to foster feminist solidarities to end gender-based violence and victim blame. Artist & socially engaged practitioner Jasmeen Patheja founded Blank Noise in 2003. Over the 20 years, she has been working with members of the public, feminist allies and communities for the right to be defenceless. She builds ideas and methodologies for collective feminist action.  

Her practice rests on the power of feminist solidarities. She works with communities to build and archive testimonials of sexual violence. Most women and girls across the world remember the clothes they wore when they experienced gender-based violence. The garment is a witness and memory of gender-based injustice. It is present to say I Never Ask For It.  #INeverAskForIt initiated by Blank Noise is a long-term mission to build ten thousand garment testimonials of sexual violence to end victim blame. Patheja is invested in building local and community-specific methodologies and approaches to do so.  

Listening to testimonies by and with communities inspires ideas for new collective action. The actions are rooted in imagination and desire for the world women and girls call courage to imagine and believe they deserve.

The project has supported and enabled research and design for arts and movement building.

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