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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Threading the Horizon: Propositions on Worldmaking through Socially Engaged Art Practice foregrounds the quotidian experience of violence experienced by women and gendered others explicated through acts of invisibility, exclusion, inequality and discrimination.

In this entanglement of fourteen community-based projects across India, acts of resilience emerge through artistic strategies of placemaking, building voice, bearing witness, negotiating visibility, and foregrounding leisure, healing and catharsis. These strategies have pried open the everydayness of gender-based violence to make way for an alternate framing of this experience through an artist’s lens in the public realm. A perennial condition of urbanism in India is precarity that is often unevenly borne by women, queer and trans people, and those at the margins. What does urbanisation do to the experience of space and gendered violence?

The practices propose a worldmaking within itself, where encounters, engagements, acts and actions generate new cosmologies. A hope for an equitable future emerges in restitution, quietude and vigour of collective action.


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