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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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5 Bigha Zameen

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5 Bigha or 1 acre is the minimum unit of land for subsistence of the farmers of Yamuna Khadar – the eastern floodplains of Yamuna in the city. While this unit of area has been long used as a guiding principle in urban planning, it is more importantly the basic element linking the lives, livelihoods and histories of farmers who face the imminent threat of erasure from the city due to the riverfront development plans. The year-long project focused on rights based advocacy and collective creation with the women farmers of Yamuna Khadar on one hand and creating public awareness on their valuable role in the city, on the other, through public walks to the Yamuna led by the farmers. 

‘5 Bigha Zameen’ aims to rethink our collective imaginations of the city and question whose rights are protected in our cities, and whose eroded.

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