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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Gendered Spaces

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Sumona and Nilanjan’s project Gendered Spaces has been engaging with diverse communities around the Chitpur neighbourhood of Kolkata. With greater attention now on this heritage neighbourhood and a push for urban development and conservation, Nilanjan and Sumona want to challenge prevalent narratives of Chitpur. They started by building new collaborations at the margins, creating engagement around peripheral, gendered spaces, such as the ghats, rocks, water pumps around Chitpur. Sumona & Nilanjan have been in conversation with the local residents in the neighborhood exploring ideas of masculinity, gender roles and intimacy. Each encounter has deepened these dialogues through play, through contemplating images, symbols and gestures and by bringing together people with different perspectives together. Through a series of collaborative actions with people who occupy these spaces, as well as those who are excluded from these spaces, they will attempt to unpack the memories, patterns of movement, codes, and spatial typologies of these spaces. Through these incremental experiments they will work towards developing a shared, co-owned narrative of Chitpur that includes, or possibly even wilfully omits these spaces, their histories, and future imaginations.

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