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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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A fly in the milk II

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This work delves into the visceral process of identity disintegration and reconstruction often experienced during cultural assimilation. The fabric undergoes a process of cutting and reassembling. Using scissors, I dissect the fabric tracking routes to locations of assimilation (family homes, schools, etc). This act of cutting is not merely physical but symbolic, representing the violent shifts and ruptures that occur in one’s sense of self during the process of cultural integration. This stitching, while reconstructive, does not aim to return the portrait to its original form but rather suggests an altered identity—one that has endured cultural upheaval. The work references Rafoogari embroidery practices, which is a form of invisible mending that aims to repair tears and holes in fabrics so that the mend blends seamlessly with the original material, making the repair virtually unnoticeable. I make these stitches visible to not merely seal the cuts, but to serve as visible traces of healing, illustrating how fragmented experiences and influences are interlocked into one’s identity in new and complex patterns.

Cotton thread on fabric
1 x 1.5m

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