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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Karachi LaJamia was founded in 2015 by artists Shahana Rajani and Zahra Malkani, as a nomadic space moving outside the institution to collectively explore new radical pedagogies and art practices. Since 2015, we have facilitated a series of site-specific courses and collaborative research projects to explore the intersections of militarism, land accumulation, climate crisis, indigenous dispossession, and knowledge production in Karachi. Hamare Siyal Rishte (Our Watery Relations) was the title of a course facilitated in 2021, with the help of the Pakistan FisherFolk Forum and the Sindh Indigenous Rights Alliance. Against the backdrop of the climate crisis and extractivism carried out by the state, this course set out to connect with and learn about the sacred coastal and riverine geography of Karachi, ongoing movements in defence of the landscape, and the ancient ecological knowledge fostered alongside it. This exhibition showcases some of the pedagogical materials that have emerged from the course.

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