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Index Cards / Audio-Visual Notes from the Field (Video & Text)

A thread, a weave, a braid, a river is a teaching tool in four acts about the rivers of Karachi, Pakistan. It traces the rich and dense networks of waterways centered around the Malir river, which are being destroyed by sand mining and the ongoing construction of the Malir Expressway. It remembers the wet and soaking ecologies of the city, over which infrastructure has conjured the solid grounds of urban planning. Invoking the intimacies of sand and water, desert and delta, it explores ways of relating to the land, environment and each other.

This report was made in conversation with Hafeez Baloch, Khuda Dino Shah, Siddique Baloch, Karim Baksh Kalmatti, Aslam Baloch, Jan Mohammad, Zahra Malkani, Jeanne Penjan Lassus and others. It emerges from the collective presence of all who participated in the study groups organized by Karachi LaJamia (a long-term collaborative project of Zahra Malkani and Shahana Rajani), Yasir Darya and Hafeez Baloch.

Commissioned by Khoj International Artists’ Association. Khoj’s participation in World Weather Network is supported by the British Council’s Creative Commissions for Climate Action, a global programme exploring climate change through art, science and digital technology.

For more weather reports from Khoj’s weather station at 28th Parallel North, visit the World Weather Network