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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Peripheries And Crossovers: Art As Social Practice 2019

Peripheries & Crossovers: Art As Social Practice is a multi-city socially engaged art project that aims to demonstrate art's role as an agent for change. Spanning several locations and covering diverse artistic practices, the project hopes to affect cultural shifts to counter gender-based injustice and address issues around urbanisation in India. The project treats local context(s) seriously and sensitively.


About this edition

Over the last fifteen years Khoj has been actively involved in art-based community projects in Khirkee village. We have seen that artistic interventions have been able to address the problems of urban inequality and intolerance in small but palpable ways. To deepen our inquiry in this area, Khoj initiated Peripheries & Crossovers: art as social practice in the year 2019, a three year long, multi-city socially engaged art project across India to address cultural norms and narratives around gender and urbanisation.

For the year 2019, Khoj is supporting 4 socially engaged art projects in various locations across India that are addressing issues around gender inequality, gender stereotyping and marginlisation of those who are at the periphery of the gender discourse in the peri-urban context. This year’s participants are Nitin Bathla & Sumedha Garg, Sumona Chakraborty & Nilanjan Das, Princess Pea and Aryakrishnan R.

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