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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Sweet Maria Monument: Queer Futures

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Aryakrihnan R.’s project Queer Futures aims to engage with art and cultural practitioners, activists, institutions, cultural theorists, and LGBTQI communities primarily in Kerala. By bringing together such diverse set of actors in the remaking of Sweet Maria Monument @sweetmariamonument, the artist proposes the creation of a temporary community around creative practice and queerness. The monument so far happened in academic and art places.  By re-placing it and remaking it with the very community it talks about, the artist proposes dialogic encounters and active participation to enable further conversations on art and life. What do the queer futures look like? How do sexual minority communities enact the life they envision for themselves and others? How do they partake in the cultural process? How do they live and modify their bodies amidst the demands from institutions, discourses, and disciplinary practices? The effort is not to bring visibility to queer identities in the existing representational order, but to bring an epistemological change in the discourse. 

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