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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Otherworlds at Kapashera

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In the year 2019 interdisciplinary creative practitioners Sumedha Garg & Nitin Bathla initiated Otherworlds in Kapashera — a town of 250,000 migrant bodies and 10,000 landowners which lies at the cusp of Delhi and Gurgaon. It was here that Sumedha and Nitin started working with the memory of the place through urban ecology and material production to address the ‘othering’ and gendering of migrant women and children from Bihar and UP. The project started by seeking a safe space for women and children to engage with and to achieve this a former unused industrial loft was converted into a community art space through the joint efforts of Sumedha & Nitin and the community. This physical ‘third space’ soon became a portal for further engagement with the community. In time, children and women from the community have started to use the space to collectivise and express narratives through the medium of stitching, storytelling, gardening & drawing. This led to the creation of a self-help group called Saat Saheliya (Seven Sisters Collective) where they stitched together a 6 meter long by 3 meter high map using the agricultural footprint of Kapashera to tell the story of this space & their personal stories of loss and displacement.

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