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Cotton Stainers

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Shweta Bhattad’s project Cotton Stainers is looking to create a space, which becomes a platform for expression for the women of Paradsingha. Cotton Stainer (Dysdercus cingulatus), is infamous as a common farming pest attacking and leaving the cotton-boll with stains. The whole world is focussed on how to terminate it but they, like any other insect, are a vital part of our ecosystem, playing an important role in the food chain. Stain and cloth commonly don’t go with each other. Most people don’t like to wear a stained cloth but each stain is actually an anecdote, that tells a story of the women and makes the cloth live, evolve and build its its character over time. Right from the sowing of cotton to spinning it into yarn to hand-weaving into fabric to hand-stitching into final garments will be done by the women in this space.

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