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Cotton Stainers

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Cotton Stainers has created a space that is run by women in Paradsinga, so that it becomes a platform of expression for their stories and concerns through sustainable clothing. Right from the sowing of cotton to spinning it into yarn to hand-weaving into fabric to hand-stitching into final garments, was all done by the women in this space. Cotton Stainer (Dysdercus cingulatus), is infamous as a common farming pest attacking and leaving the cotton-boll with stains. The whole world is focussed on how to terminate it but they, like any other insect, are a vital part of our ecosystem, playing an important role in the food chain. Stain and cloth commonly don’t go with each other. Most people don’t like to wear stained clothes. But each stain is actually an anecdote — a story that makes the cloth live and its evolving-nature builds up its character over time.

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