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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Yesterday. Today. Everyday is an ongoing long duration intervention by Sadhna Prasad and Poornima Sukumar in collaboration with the Aravani Art Project supported by Khoj. 

While the visibility of Transgender people is increasing in popular culture and daily life, they still face severe challenges, discrimination, stigma and systemic inequality. The transgender community is a thriving pool of human being who are given opportunities, but none of these seem to have any tangible upliftment. 

The project, with its modalities of collaborating and creating along with the people from the community, ensures to excavate the wisdom they have inculcated over the years. By diving deep into their culture and traditional practices, the project examines their spaces of innovation, the places of their history and creates new spaces by transforming this knowledge into art. By bringing the nuances of trans lives, narratives and lived experiences to the forefront of their fight, we aim to embrace the people from the transgender community by creating consciousness, awareness, social participation through the arts.

Focusing and re-working to a more equitable future, the project’s research tends to slant towards documenting and capturing personal stories, history, faith, friendship, family, sisterhood, beliefs, myths and current politics from trans- individuals who are the prime collaborators for this project. 

The research focuses on the past, present and future and by which they present Yesterday. Today. Everyday. 

YESTERDAY > explores the relevance of mythology in modern times with a series of comics/ graphic novels. It will consist of an anthology with six comics that will explore stories from the past narrated by Transgender people living across India. With this exploration, the project hopes to archive cultural nuances like historical facts, traditional practices, oral stories passed from generation to generation within the Transgender community.

TODAY > explores the relevance of revolution, coming together with unheard stories of survival, love, struggles, betrayals and most importantly overcoming all the challenges that society imposes on being and becoming trans by making these into podcast episodes about trans lives in modern India. 

EVERYDAY > explores day-to-day lives and saying from the Transgender community. The project will document potent messages from the community in the form of GIFs. With thoughts, anecdotes, satire, teases, the GIFs will have information that must be learnt and unlearnt by the masses, as we make our everyday lives trans-inclusive. 

The project is supported by The Ford Foundation, New Delhi.

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