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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Aao, Jagah Banaye!

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Saleha Sapra & Riddhi Batra’s project Aao, Jagah Banaye! is a call for action to include and empower women vendor groups working in the urban informal sector to re-imagine, reclaim and further co-create their everyday places of work. Over a period of one year, the creative practitioners Riddhi Batra & Saleha Sapra aspire to work with daily women vendor groups, who have a direct relationship with Delhi’s urban environment and are exposed to gender-based injustice due to rapid urbanisation, systemic indifferences, and state failure to provide safe, inclusive spaces for working women groups. For marginalised female groups to be able to self-determine their accessibility, inclusivity, safety, comfort and sustainability and become agents of change by voicing stories of their struggles and burdens in the public realm is the urban change they hope to consistently engage with.

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