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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Hassan Khan’s project

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Hassan Khan’s work was a site-specific project in a bathroom corridor. Three toilets are transformed into cubicles, and the walls separating the cubicles are turned into exhibition spaces with the help of light. In the three cubicles, raw industrial sugar cane, cotton, and steel are installed.

Eighteen people, belonging to different economic classes, were interviewed on the streets of the town. The conversa­tion was structured around three main axes – origins, fear and aspirations. Each person interviewed was invited to get their photograph taken at the town photography studio, two copies were printed one went to the individual the other was exhibited in the installation. An edited audio-track of the interviews is broadcasted in the corridor. In a small dark room a two minute video loop with images from the city and questions addressed to the audience is played.

This is an attempt to create the archeology of a site – the enframing of the relationship between the inhabitants of a town to the conceptual existence of that town. The political economy of the space, the way it manifests itself in people’s daily existence, is explored rather than dramatized. Moving from the position of the passive consumer, the audience encounters their social marks of difference through a series of questions (“Why do you live where you live?” “What do you do to get money?” “Who watches when you speak?”). The work aimed to move from an experience of the self as a stable located site – to an experience that questions the self.

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