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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Huma Mulji’s project

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Huma Mulji from neighboring Pakistan felt amazingly at home. Observing popular advertisements of consumer items, on the walls and billboards in the town, she wanted to bring three symbols of contemporary capitalist culture into the feudal-field of Sikribagh. A dish antenna, a tyre, a sewing machine and fans made with ply-board, were covered skin to skin with patterned florescent pink, green and purple sarees. Installed in the field, the antenna-dish was the transmitter/receiver of signals, the “medium” through which seduction flowed, magnetizing the fans like moths which whirled around in dislocated edginess. An inflated tyre lay still. It was the domestic sewing machine, however, the smallest item, which was the surreal witness in this witty parable.

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