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In the Times of Madafangwara

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‘Power-misInformation’ has substituted ‘Power-Knowledge’ with a decade of political weaponisation of digital devices for social communication. Who authors misInformation? An individual? Or is it the monopoly of a nation, leader, and corporation? How does one consume, participate, create, and dispense misInformation?

In the Times of Madafangwara is an investigative process of a computerized world(nation)building that inquires into the meaning of power and propaganda in a post-social condition controlled by an authoritarian regime. 

Designed as an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) it excavates into methods of misinformation, “fake news,” hate speech, rumours, conspiracy theories etc. that shape our historic present, political past and imagined future. Further, it would explore how architecture, urban planning, built spaces play a role in the militarization of civil society and cultivate questions regarding the awareness towards the role of the tech giants as amplifiers and collaborators of the state ideology to the populace.

*This page is available as a downloadable accessibility document.

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