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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Gulab Jamun

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Michael Shaowanasai brought theatricality, performance, and gay issues into the workshop. He showed us the “Tale of the Iron Pussy’, a Thai film, in a local Modinagar theatre, demonstrating that despite the language barrier communication was easy because of a similarity of plot and structure with popular Hindi films, which echoed the similarity within peoples lives. In another work, he dressed himself up like an Indian bride, taking on a dream identity, that he has attempted in different locations. Local make-up artists, and hair stylists helped him do a saree, imitation jewelry, etc. to reach the desired effect. He got himself photographed and hung this come-hither but coy portrait over a slogan panel, kitschy and bedecked with painted flowers that read – ‘Blow my horn but keep distance’.

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