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Motherland/Homeland is imagined as a single player virtual board game, played to toy with the idea of our jargonized view of Kashmir. The information on Kashmir that forms our perceptions is usually delivered to us by various sources, yet they are twice removed from the valley itself. The project that utilizes various tropes of gameplay to initiate a cultural narrative of Kashmir, in its little stories of everyday detailing the hues of everyday life is to echo the valley as a living space unlike any other rather than its projected identity of a conflict zone; to take away brutally romanticized Kashmir in the stories of Kashmir; to be able to look at her people and their little stories that remain unheard owing to the clamor of the conflict .The work is informed by an archive collected over four years consisting of early literature, documentations, photographs and videos that have been sorted to create a narrative for the game narrated by the various elements of Kashmir. The players will be able to communicate and talk to each other as they essay the roles of as Azad/Azadi and Swatantra/Swatantrata, a hypothetical setting where they play grandchildren to Rushdie’ Saleem and Shiva and inherit the powers of independence and freedom with their destiny tied to the birth of nations. Mary Pereira, the notorious Ayya, that switches the two children at birth, makes an important political statement. This forms a key aspect of the gameplay where roles are reversed with the players; as they begin to play from all four ends of the valley of Kashmir starting from locations that they can’t in reality due to geo-political factors – to see and seek Kashmir and its ideas with the freedom to explore it at will. The game allows you to navigate from location to location, unlocking and participating in a narrative that is in first person in varied mediums such as text, videos, podcasts, illustrations, animations, music and voiceovers. While the players move they will also be allowed to maintain a travelogue that will form like a live diary disseminated onto social media as they play. Our thoughts of Kashmir are based mostly on assumptions and rarely on conversations; this is where we plan to locate Motherland/Homeland that will be played from various parts of the country and Pakistan as well.

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