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Art and Gaming 2015

At the forefront of collaborative and interdisciplinary practices, Of Games – a gaming residency at Khoj was keen to explore new mediums and forms of creativity. Khoj wanted to develop this residency towards an intersection of artistic expression and technological inquiry. This residency was an exciting opportunity to articulate the contribution of games towards visual culture. Khoj offered its 16 years of archive as inspiration for producing new games and toward contributing to the creative and cultural importance of computer games.

About this edition

Of Games – III was the third iteration of the Art and Gaming Residency at KHOJ. Through this residency, KHOJ  furthered its explorations into the twin worlds of game development and contemporary art practice.

Since the first Art and Gaming Residency in 2013, KHOJ‘s understanding and interest in working in the cross-section between art practice and the world of gaming had grown considerably. Khoj curated and incubated some very significant game-related projects, which have included board games, digital games, mobile apps, and a great deal of valuable gaming-related conversations. The third iteration of Of Games, not only pushed the boundaries of gaming further but also those of art.

“Community” was the central theme of Of Games – III . The understanding of the term encompassed diverse strands of thought, including community-building and socially engaged practice, games as methodology for policy development and activism, critical narratives around gamer groups, gender and power within the world of gaming, racial representations and cultural imperialism within games, gaming historiography etc. KHOJ incubated projects that have a broad understanding of games and gaming, including digital and video games, board games, performative gaming, live-action role-play, game studies research and academics etc.

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