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Amor Fati / An Old Lady Dies

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Krishnarjun’s concept is to experiment with game narrative, storytelling in games—which he considers to be a tricky thing. Games have always needed boundaries, and Krishnarjun has often observed their stories becoming trapped within these confines. He has always been interested in storytelling games, and his aim is to create a unique storytelling game of his own that encourage players to think and create their own universes. In Of Games III Krishnarjun is working on two projects—Amor Fati is about an eternal battle between Hope and Despair, as they try and control a mortals life and steer it towards their own end. Players play as either Hope, Despair, Mirth, Ego, or as the Mortal—this game is about pure storytelling, countering other stories with stories of your own, and believing in a world enough to make it real.

The other project, An Old Lady Dies is about storytelling balanced with gameplay on a game board. A rich old woman dies, and relatives turn up for the inheritance; except none of them knew the old woman at all, which is a problem as her will states her property will go to whoever knew her the most. Through photographs and visual cues the players try to lie their way into convincing the lawyer that they did know her the most, until night falls and the old woman’s ghost appears on the game board. Both games have different kinds of gameplay, and they are Krishnarjun’s explorations into different kinds of narratives.

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