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Showroom of Random Objects

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At the “Of Games III” Residency at Khoj I am exploring the dialogue of physical experience with a virtual reality simulation. Game mechanics are applied and distilled in the carrying and passing of an object resembling a small creature that merges with the body of the viewers/participators. The object has virtual reality goggles attached to its top and when attached, the viewer creates a symbiotic relationship with the object, as if holding another body. This object will be the controller of the embedded virtual “game” space, and in-game navigation will happen through an array of touch sensors. In addition to to the core object, another sculpture in the room will provide feedback to the virtual reality unit but will be manipulated by other participators, creating a dynamic of visual access and auditory feedback. A set of paintings are also installed to question the origin of the virtual images. The viewers will feel like part of the exhibition space, part of the VR object and part of the painting interchangeably. Finally, an extension of the VR work will be accessible through an online exploration game where viewers will gain additional insight regarding the mixed reality relationships in the exhibition.

*You can read Leonardo’s report here

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