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Past Doesn’t Have Any Vanishing Point

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Exhibition patterns we see today date back only a couple of hundred years. However the concept has existed for over a thousand years. In general, exhibitions initiate a dialogue and disseminate knowledge.
The scale may vary. Exhibitions are an important source of knowledge where various aspects of a nation’s culture are brought under the same roof, facilitating multicultural exchange.

The Triennale India in Delhi was one such show that was ingaugurated in 1968, however, it suddenly stopped in 2005. Within this timeline Lalit Kala Akademi was able to organize eleven of its editions successfully.

Several memories regarding this Triennale revolve amongst the people involved in this project. While the older generation speak about this event like a fairy tale, the new generation is quite oblivious about it. While we no longer have the opportunity to experience the grandeur of its physical display, some of its tangible remains are still available.

There is a proverb, “nobody forgets anything, just in terms of necessity communication decreases and distance increases:’ But it doesn’t mean that the necessity of Triennale India has ceased. It has been a guiding star for us, showing us new windows to take our art practice ahead. Although not directly, it has certainly been a propeller from behind. Therefore due to the distance we can’t say Triennale India has completely vanished. The Past never vanishes anywhere; somehow it stays and sustains us throughout our existence.

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