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Prisms of Peculiarity

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“…you have to unlearn rapidly what you have seen before to even make it intelligible. So what happens is there is a search for language; you have to unpack your unseeing of the world”

Jeebesh Bagchi

I found this prompt to be very insightful, in regards to my own way of interacting with the world. I believe that we must destroy worlds in order to know what they are made of – healing as creative destruction. In this process, you may become ‘intelligible’ however on the other side, you may find another way of seeing that brings growth and new possibilities. This is what STEVE (Stories Tell Explorative Visions Exponentially) is and this is how I created a realm and a way of communication that is ambiguous as it is sincere. The confusion you feel in Prisms of Peculiarity is what it feels like to be in TIME, and I wanted to purposefully create a space that makes you “unpack your unseeing of the world”.

Written and performed by Day Eve Komet
Animation by May Britt Franzen and Alexandra Mirzoyan Music and Sound by Day Eve Komet
Text circuit design by Sijya Gupta, Legion Seven and Rohini Devasher

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