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Somethings in the Belly

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Eight artists are responding to the prompt ‘mother.’ The starting point is the sensation of having something in your belly—a feeling in the gut, stomach- churning, expanding and contracting, inhaling and exhaling. Sometimes, in between stillness and unyielding storm. And sometimes in a mundane, regular way.

I have felt limited in my inquiry into how patriarchies shape my relationship with my mother. Hence, I was curious how other artists would interpret this word. Over three months, the artists delved into processes rooted in their personal experiences around mothers.

This curation is an invitation to tune into our affective landscapes, which are oftentimes considered too feminine, too emotional, too difficult to digest.

Participating Artists

  • Asmita Badi
  • Shradha Devkota
  • Irina Giri
  • Ujjwala Maharjan
  • Tripty Pakhrin
  • Ayushma Regmi
  • Shristi Shrestha
  • Prateebha Tuladhar

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