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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Pure, a performance

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Subodh Gupta set off for Saharanpur a village 6 kilometers from Modinagar. Subodh collected objects from the villagers a hookah, a plough, a brass pot, an empty bottle, a small insignificant blackened container used for putting oil in machines etc. In this contact with the villagers he returned to his roots, to childhood memories and rituals, trying to connect the stories buried in the objects to his own story. With the help of women he smoothed the surface of a field with a paste of mud and cow dung. Cutting into this to the shape of each object, he sunk them in at different depths. Himself anointed with the same paste, he placed himself in the center of the field in Shravasana (corpse posture), in a ritual of cleaning and forgetting himself.

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