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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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The longing to be part of a story resembles a blind statue in an arboretum and a floating chair wrapped in plastic. Somebody speaks of measured cadences during music lessons, a revolver is gifted ‘out of natural love and affection’ and is meant to be nothing more than a blessing. A clown in a zoetrope slows down and becomes silent. The Museum of Tea and Coffee exists nowhere but on a signboard, the Lost Note Branch of the Paper Currency Department gets buried under new concrete. A book says something like, ‘There was a need to always be part of a story, even if it was someone else’s.’

These are all sites – places from where it is possible to reshape the stories we tell ourselves of our lives and to tell them again differently. In each work, is the desire to be and a projection of a different story and a different place. These are all situations – that precede or extend the composition and its event. They present themselves similar to ‘satori’ (the zen occurrence) – in which the emptying out of language and meaning becomes the thing of writing. It is possible then to proceed from a place on the side of a road that does not claim its event. It does not claim its death or transformation either.

These videos and photographs wish to mimic the precariousness of the moments in which stories start to change, and when we interpret for ourselves our own histories and decide to alter them.

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