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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Centre for Cultural Resources and Training (CCRT) commissioned ARThinkSouthAsia to deliver a 5-day short course in Arts Management for people working at the Archaeological Survey of India.

The course covered fundamental aspects of Arts Management:

  • Fundamentals of Tangible and Intangible Heritage/ Best Practices
  • Developing Community Stakeholder Management Plans
  • Marketing and Outreach
  • Building Visitor Management Plan
  • Strategy Planning/ Mission and Goals
  • Human Resources


Yaaminey Mubayi is a cultural anthropologist and an institutional development expert. She has approximately 20 years of experience working with a wide spectrum of organizations in the arts and culture domain – such as international multilateral agencies (UNESCO, the World Bank, ADB), private sector CSR initiatives (the Nabha Foundation), and state and central government agencies (Ministry of Culture, Govt of India, state governments of Punjab, Orissa and Uttarakhand). Her areas of expertise cover institutional start-up and establishing systems, research and policy formulation, relationship-building and networking, resource mobilisation through innovative strategies.

Yaaminey received her undergraduate degree from Mount Holyoke College, USA and chose to complete her Post Doctorate and Doctoral Studies in History at the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. After working at UNESCO, New Delhi for two years, she received an M.Sc in Social Policy (NGO Management) from the London School of Economics. She has a major publication entitled “Altar of Power: The Temple and the State in the Land of Jagannatha” published in 2005. She has been Visiting Faculty at the Department of Conservation Studies, School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi since 2004. Yaaminey has received several academic scholarships such as the Junior and Senior Research Fellowships from the University Grants Commission, Government of India, a DAAD Fellowship for Doctoral Research at the South Asia Institute, University of Heidelberg, Germany as well as an Archival Grant from the Charles Wallace Trust, UK, and the Senior Academic Fellowship from the Indian Council for Historical Research (ICHR), Government of India.

Yaaminey is passionate about conserving and restoring intangible heritage.

Pramod Kumar KG is the Managing Director of Eka Archiving Services Pvt. Ltd., India’s only museum consulting company. He established the Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing at Amber,Jaipur in 2005 and was the Director of the Jaipur Virasat Foundation. As the Director of the Jaipur Heritage International Festival, he instituted the Jaipur Literature Festival in 2005.

He has worked extensively across several art collections at both public and private institutions, and his expertise ranges across materials. These include his work with major archives of photographs, paintings, textiles, jewellery, ceramics etc. Before setting up Eka, he was the Associate Director of the Alkazi Foundation for the Arts. He has contributed and written as an independent author, in edited volumes, journals and magazines. He was, until recently, consulting editor from India for the Textiles Asia Journal. His books include Posing for Posterity – Royal Indian Portraits (2012, Roli Books) and more recently, he has been co-author for Long Exposure – The Camera at Udaipur, 1857-1947 (MMCF, 2014). He has curated several exhibitions across India and is currently the co-director of Mountain Echoes –The Bhutan Literature festival.

Manisha Gupta has 20 years of experience in the  social entrepreneurship sector of India. She joined Ashoka: Innovators for the Public in 1994, a global organization of social entrepreneurs, where she served for nine years as the India Country Representative and International Director for Ashoka’s youth programs. During her tenure at Ashoka, Manisha worked with the India team to develop new initiatives to build a collaborative community of social entrepreneurs in the country. Manisha is the founder and Director at Start Up! which works as an angel investor, incubator and consultant to social entrepreneurs. Start Up! provides deep and immersive strategic development and execution support to seed and scale ventures that create lasting impact in under-served communities . Since 2009, Start Up! has incubated and scaled 12 social ventures, several of which are hybrid models. It has advised more than 30 leading social enterprises. Start Up! also conducts the outreach, due diligence and jury presentation for the India Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award – co-hosted jointly by Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship and Jubilant Bhartia Foundation. Manisha has served as a faculty member at ATSA since 2011. Over the last five years, she has advised more than 50 organizations in the field of contemporary arts across South Asia. Manisha has also been consultant with international funding agencies. She has co-authored two books,1098- Childline Calling and Opening Doors – Ten Years of Ford Foundation’s International Fellowships in India.

Pooja Sood is a founding member and Director of KHOJ International Artists’ Association. As Director of Khoj, she has worked actively to build a robust network of experimental spaces across south Asia resulting in the South Asian Network for the Arts ( SANA). Pooja Sood’s contribution has been in the field of curating alternative contemporary art practices in India as well as exploring different models of collaboration and institution-building in India and South Asia. Amongst other projects, she was Artistic Director and Curator of 48C. Public Art. Ecology, the first public art project which commissioned 25 art projects by renowned Indian and international artist across 10 public sites in new Delhi. Since 2009, she has been the Director of of ARThinkSouthAsia which is an arts management programme for young cultural leaders in South Asia. She has served on several international juries, most recently the IAPA award of the Institute of Public Art, Shanghai (2014), the APB Signature prize hosted by the Singapore Art Museum (2014-15), Sharjah Production Grant Award (2014) and the Korean Art prize, Seoul ( 2013). Pooja Sood has spoken and participated in various forums on Indian contemporary art, art management and South Asian art in India and abroad and is the editor of the SANA (South Asian Network for the Arts) publication (2014), The Khoj Book of Contemporary Indian Art: 1997-2007, published by Harper Collins (2010), “Video Art in India” (2003), and is currently working on a book on the project 48c. Public Art. Ecology. She is a Chevening scholar on the Clore Leadership Programme, UK ( 2009-2011).

She lives and works in New Delhi.

Shubhra Bhattacharya is an XLRI Alumnus (’93 Batch) and has since been working in various companies across industries. She joined ITC from campus and then moved to the IT sector with HCL Technologies. In a 13-year stint with HCL Technologies, she was based in the US for 7 years and also made the brave move from HR to managing Operations at HCL BPO as a Service Delivery Leader. In her last assignment with HCLT, Shubhra led and set up their Global HR Shared Service and Global HR Corporate team.

After a satisfying long innings at HCLT, a desire to step out of her comfort zone prompted Shubhra to join IKEA where she headed the HR team for South Asia. This, to her, was a very satisfying experience with emphasis on Leadership and Competence Development, and deep dives into Culture & Values and Change Management. IKEA is mentioned as one of the ‘Firms of Endearment’ and it was certainly inspiring for her to be associated with the company. During her stay at IKEA, she had the opportunity to work in various HR projects with cross-cultural teams across the globe. After 18 years of work covering almost all areas of HR, Shubhra decided to take a break from the hectic pace and rejuvenate her spirit. She spent a year moving ahead on her personal journey and now has been with Vyaktitva for over 2 years. She has delivered various Organizational Design, Coaching and Leadership Development interventions for Telecom & IT, Hospitality, Retail, FMCG, Banking and Healthcare Verticals at Vyaktitva. Shubhra enjoys reading, music and going on road trips to places off the beaten track! She also likes to keep fit with yoga and hopping on to the treadmill.

Smita Vats is the Director of ITIHAAS which is now in its 11th year and has pioneered Heritage Education in the country. While ITIHAAS works with many young people, their senior walk directors are the ones who interact with students, taking experiential learning to them in the most creative way and embedding heritage into curricula and, more significantly, into the child’s imagination. They conduct walking trips for school children from the middle and senior schools. To achieve this, Smita personally documented oral histories of over 300 residents of the walled city, and those who had seen New Delhi come up. All these first person accounts were eventually to find a place in each of the ILMs/ study tours they do today. From its very inception, ITIHAAS focussed on the visits being interactive, age appropriate with elements of facts and stories. Their partner institutions include Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Education, ASI, National Museum, NGMA, UNESCO and several other organizations who joined in to make this idea a success.

From 6 schools in 2004, ITIHAAS today engages with 700 schools, all across the country, with over 50,000 children walking annually. They also develop curricula for schools and conduct teacher training workshops.


Deepak Panwar: O/o Superintending Archaeologist, ASI, Delhi Circle, Delhi.

Vasant Kumar Swarnkar: Superintending Archaeologist, ASI, Dehradun Circle, Dehradun.

I.A. Mansuri: O/o Superintending Archaeologist, ASI, Vadodara Circle, Vadodara.

A.J. Parmar: O/o Superintending Archaeologist, ASI, Vadodara Circle, Vadodara.

K.C. Nauriyal: Superintending Archaeologist, Shimla Circle, ASI, Shimla.

Pramod Bhinge: Conservation Assistant, G-I, Aihole Circle, ASI, Dharwar Circle, Dharwar.

T. Sreelakshmi: SA, Thrissur Circle, ASI Kerala.

K.P. Rajan: Senior Conservation Assistant,Thrissur Circle, ASI, Kerala.

Danve Dnyaneshwar Sandhu: Senior Conservation Assistant, Ajanta Sub Circle, Aurangabad Circle, ASI, Aurangabad.

B.G. Yelikar: O/o Superintending Archaeologist, ASI, Mumbai Circle, Mumbai.

Harish Jiwanlal Dasare: O/o Superintending Archaeologist, ASI, Mumbai Circle, Mumbai.

Ashok Kumar: O/o Superintending Archaeologist, ASI, Bhopal Circle, Bhopal.

Rakesh Chandan Shendey: O/o Superintending Archaeologist, ASI, Bhopal Circle, Bhopal.

Ankit Kumar Namdev: Conservation Assistant, G-II, Meerut Sub Circle, Agra Circle, ASI, Agra.

Kalandar: Conservation Assistant G-II, Kannauj Sub Circle, Agra Circle, ASI, Agra.

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