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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Home was a global project Andreas Kaiser began in 2002. He collected over 300 drawings of German houses. With these drawings, in 2003 he traveled to South Africa. In workshops throughout South Africa he collected drawings from children aged 8-12. After that he handed out the German drawings together with a piece of clay, to build German houses replicating the drawings. All the houses were shown in an installation in the Bag Factory Johannesburg and the Goethe Institute. In 2004 Andreas went to Australia and repeated the workshops with over 300 children. The Australian children built South African homes to be shown at IASKA in Western Australia. Delhi was the third station of Home. In several workshops around Delhi, Andreas worked with over 300 children again. All the Australian Homes built by Indian children were shown in a site-specific installation at the KHOJ Studios.

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