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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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MKM’s music incorporates analog synthesizer bridges, percussion-based samples, and high frequency interference. From harsh rhythmic noise to rich sonorities, Günter Müller (iPods, electronics), Jason Kahn (modular synthesizer) and Norbert Möslang (cracked everyday – electronics) formed the Swiss electronic music group MKM in 2006, giving their first concert at Tokyo University while on tour in Japan.

Since then, they’ve performed in the USA, Canada, Korea, Europe, Russia, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Columbia, released seven CDs and collaborated with many international musicians, including Mark Trayle, Damo Suzuki, Casey Anderson, Christian Weber, Joke Lanz, Aube, Keiichiri Shibuya, Maria, Gino Robair, Tom Djll and Matt Ingalls.

This event was supported by Pro Helvetia.

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