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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Envisioned to be a seminar-like program and for the artists who qualify for the final round of the residency, the session serves as a great learning opportunity. The artists showcase their practice and get beneficial feedback from their peers, senior art practitioners, critics, and the Khoj Curatorial team.

This year Khoj held the programme online on Zoom. Peers Share 2021 dialogued with 15 applicants over a three-day forum with the intent to support and strengthen ideas/art practices.

On each day, each session consisted of five Peers Share participants as well as two senior artists and curators who responded to their work. The participants of Peers Share this year had varied practices ranging from sculpture to filmmaking and animation, from oil paintings to digital collage making and hypertext. It brought together a diverse set of young artists from varied backgrounds responding to the socio-political moment of today, using this forum to raise critical and urgent questions about their practice, their struggles and the responsibility of representing what they felt.

Selected Artists:
Anant Jain, Bheeshma Kumar Sharma, Harmeet Rattan, Isha Itwala, Madhurjya Dey, Maksud Ali Mondal, Mucharla Madhukar, Neelesh Yogi, Nishi Chauhan, Poojan Gupta, Prashant Patil, Ruma Choudhury, Satyaranjan Das, Suresh Kumar Singha, Tabeena Wani.

Asim Waqif, Gigi Scaria, Gitanjali Dang, Latika Gupta, Radha Mahendru, and Rohini Devasher.

Peers Share 2021 has been supported by Tarana Sawhney.

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