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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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‘I’ is an experience, transforming the gallery into an introspective, meditative space; one of self-reflection; One where the works only come to life when they amalgamate with the viewer.
‘To harmonize the whole is the task of art.’, mused Kandisky in ‘Concerning the spiritual in Art’. Distilling and contextualizing his thoughts into the now, this experience will allow one to not only find a safe space for indulging in reflection but also make one reassess larger ideas of how we place ourselves in a consumerist world.
Thought and action are the backbone of human evolution. What is one really, what transforms us into single units- the ‘I’s’. Is our being our physical selves or are we mere manifestations of our souls. The self as a whole and its disintegrated attributes. Has one taken the time out to see oneself, in naked honesty. What are the words one would use to describe oneself. Are the words devoid of the consumerist syntax. ‘I’ strives to make the viewer abandon the cloud of labels and dig deeper into oneself, without language,
appearance and perceptions.
‘I’ is an experience focused on the idea of the self. It’s purpose is to use art as a passage to your inner world. A purpose we perhaps needs to reclaim.
Each artwork strives to take the viewer on a journey. Encouraging exploration of the physical transcending into a metaphysical thought, however miniscule. Each piece attempts to take the viewer out of the peripherals of the world they inhabit. The noise of consumerism that has bulldozed over the line bifurcating one’s needs from their wants.
Commodified, objectified, labeled and put into a box – this exhibit renders the viewer a window to examine this box, that holds one’s identity in jaded walls and perhaps then, one may want to breakout.
‘I’ is a pause, an ellipsis, a journey, a question and if all goes well, an answer. It looks to disturb and soothe, to use Art as a gateway into the spiritual.

All the exhibits are being presented to the public for the very first time by new and emerging artists. They together form the Harkat Collective.

A Harkat Collective Exhibition
Artists: Harsh Raman Singh Paul | Iti Agarwal | Sheba Alexander | Mitwa Abhay Vandana | Michaela Strobel | Suri

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