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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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100 Mahua trees

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For Navjot Altaf memories of her childhood in Meerut returned. She combined these with her engagement with the Bastar tribals. The official politics that surrounded the amazing Mahua tree became her focus. Under the only one in the compound, she installed a swing constructed out of railway sleepers. She told us that forest officers in M.P. have stopped the planting of Mahua trees because its flowers are used by adivasis (tribals) to distill alcohol, forgetting that its bark is used to make a medicine for arthritis, its seeds crushed for oil, that throughout the year it provided shade. In protest she planned a planting of 100 Mahua saplings in five primary schools with the help of school children. With the compound children she made brightly colored paper boats that were floated in a water channel near the house on open day.

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