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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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One of the core aspects of the workshop was to create a space for collaborative working. In order to get to know the peers better, in terms of their artistic processes, a series of presentations where planned. In these, the individual artists would make short presentations of their works. Here my role was to club the artists together largely based on some commonalities in their works; either in terms of conceptual similarities or even with respect to technicalities, and to moderate the presentations. Laurent and Katarzyna, interested in architectural spaces were clubbed together with Shraddha, whose interest in photography has a large span. Szu Han, Svea and Krishnaswamy – as performance artist. Minette and Rajyashri for their anthropological interest and Shweta for her community projects. Francesca, Dominic and Rucha for having a deep-rooted interest in reading socio-cultural viewpoints and at times of reading mass-mentalities with respect to specific issues. Emran, Amshu and Vaibhav were placed together as young artists practicing in different mediums. Snehal, Kartik and Syaiful for having begun with mediums like painting and printmaking, and for drawing the same nerve in their current works which have branched or rather absorbed different media. Finally with Immy who uses discarded scrap and hair in her work and Kumar Prashant who works largely on up-cycling methods.

Interestingly these presentations acted not just as a quick view of the works of the individuals but also as an opportunity to exchange ideas, of understanding individual and larger issues, and also at striking discussions at various levels.