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Five Unfinished Pieces about dreaming, sleeping, anonymity, the sky and everything in between.

DopoLavoro Teatrale organised Unfinished, a series of interactive multidisciplinary performances in which the audience engaged as an actor and an artistic collaborator. The actors performed alongside the audiences, embodying new roles every night. The audience could participate in person at KHOJ Studios, or participate virtually from their own homes via Skype.

Introduction by DopoLavoro Teatrale:

You can experience one. Or all five. Or come back as many times as you wish. Every night there are multiple shows and different stories in which you play the role of the protagonist. You can be a listener, reveal your secrets, be a character of the story or make up a big lie about yourself. Shows are performed over the night time, the time of the day in which we’re most fragile and our desires, weaknesses and dreams, come out more strongly. The concept of Unfinished becomes a signature style of a series of experimental pieces conceived as open structures in which the audience can interact as they would like. Each piece finds its final completion only with the presence of the spectator, or better said, the participant, which moves forward, finishes, informs and changes the “game” structure.

Every night we present a different puzzle with a missing piece, the most important piece, the audience, which allows the show to find its final form. This conclusion is only temporary though, the next night in fact, a different puzzle, resulting in a new outcome, will be presented and determined by the next audiences/participants.Actors will also mutate position in this theatrical labyrinth, changing and exchanging roles within. They will be performing (alongside the audience) new roles every night within a structure in constant movement.Similarly, audiences will step into a “theatrical architecture” that will be inhabited by different people every night and in which the rooms will always be different, positions shifting between one another. Like life itself Five Unfinished Pieces is never the same.

Unfinished 1 is a piece where both participants and performers are blindfolded. You will be led into a dark room where anything is possible. Playing the role of the protagonist of the story alongside four other anonymous travellers you will get the chance to speak about yourself in a way you don’t normally when you’re seen. What is your deepest secret?

10 Participants maximum per performance. The duration of the performance is 50 minutes.

Unfinished 2 is a piece that happens in your own bedroom over a Skype call. You will be connected to 4 other strangers which you will never meet again. Guided by a mysterious voice/facilitator you will be invited to speak about your dreams and tell your personal life story in a piece where intimacy and anonymity play a key role.

10 Participants maximum per performance. The duration of the performance is 50 minutes.

Unfinished 3: Enter a castle of dreams. You will be a fly on the wall. Listen to the dreams and deepest secrets of others around you. While wandering around the space you will be transported through a collective dream in which you will play the role of the main character. At times blindfolded, you will explore the “sight” of your imaginary eye and wonder if what’s around you is real or if you’re asleep.

5 Participants maximum per performance. The duration of the performance is 100 minutes.

Unfinished 4: Alone, you will step into a magic place where dreams and reality blend together. In this highly interactive journey you will have a full cast performing just for you and determine the events that will occur. What is your deepest dream?

2 Participants maximum per performance.  The duration of the performance is 100 minutes.

Unfinished 5: Five audience members will be displaced throughout the environment of KHOJ. Similar to Unfinished 2 you will be connected to others through a Skype call. However, you will not be in the comfort of your personal space but in a environment that is not yours and that you are free to explore. Whose room are you in right now? Who are the others with you, in this place, in this moment? Will you ever see them?

10 Participants maximum per performance.  The duration of the performance is 50 minutes.

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