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A series of films and videos on the ideas of displaced geographies, soundscape  narratives and images without cameras

Foveal Experiments showcased experimental films and videos from India and the archive of Collectif Jeune Cinéma, an organisation based in Paris. A collaboration between Charu Maithani and Julia Gouin, the project was shown in Delhi and Paris as continuous and special screenings.

Foveal Experiments was an attempt to understand the viewing modalities of experimental cinema, video and artistic film. This series of screenings were originally thought of as a way to initiate an exchange of contemporary films and videos between India and Western Europe.

The field of experimental and essayistic cinema remains largely dominated by North American productions reinforcing a certain idea and frame of reference for the current experimental cinematic practices. Thus this project was an attempt to understand the changing and already changed modes of viewing moving images in museums and art galleries. A large number of galleries, museums and art organisations are now creating spaces for film viewing.

Do films and videos have a different impact on the viewers based on where they are watched? What is the relevance of the collective experience of watching, when mobile devices such as phones and tablets are increasingly becoming a more popular viewing device? Does the history of film become a part of art history and vice versa? – these are a few questions that the project sought answers to in an attempt to throw light on the interfaces through which we experience media and its connection to history and culture.

The project presented three programmes with a range of contemporary film making practices from filmmakers and artists working with different aesthetics, formats and registers. Making a visual mix-tape, the films compiled under three modalities allowed different positions and interpretations of the concept to be presented.

The first part of this series of programmes was presented in New Delhi in February while the second part was screened in Paris in March 2015.

This programme was curated by Charu Maithani and Julia Gouin.

This series of programmes was made possible thanks to all the filmmakers who agreed to have their film screen for free.

 With the kind support of KHOJ international Artists’ Association and Collectif Jeune Cinéma.


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