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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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“Mai bachha tha tab ye banaya tha, jab mai second class mei tha”
– Faridi (5th standard student, Gyandeep School)

Khirkee ki Kahani (the KHOJ Community Art Project) has come a long way since its initiation in 2004, when it was facilitated with a small project (in collaboration with Vandana Ram) that explored friendships and stories of friendship in the neighborhood of KHOJ. One of the most rewarding results of our interactions with the community has been the diverse creative engagement with the children, from the students at Gyandeep School to the numerous others who have participated passionately in Khirkee Kholo and Monday Market.

The children of Khirki proudly presented Khirkee ke Khiladi, an exhibition of artworks (2005-2008) by the children of Khirkee. This was curated by the 5th standard students of Gyandeep School, Khirkee Extension: Sabir, Mehnaaz, Nidhi, Nisha M, Sameer, Faridi, Humera, Nisha K, Tariq.


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