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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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The video programme Monitor 12 was presented by SAVAC and co-curated by Oliver Husain (Toronto), Otty Widasari and Yuki Aditya (Jakarta).

The works that made up Figures Pointing Outside the Frame considered the peripheries of the image to be as significant as the content within. Whether film, video, or a still image, the technology dictates the parameters of the frame. Decisions an image-maker makes regarding the composition, duration, performance, and location further contribute to a viewer’s experience. Collaboration is formed between the technology, image maker, and subjects- though this collaboration is often expanded with elements, situations, and conditions beyond that which is scripted. In this way, the programme advocated for the viewer to consider the environmental, labour, historical, economical, gendered, and social conditions that influence the constructed experience.

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