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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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As a response to section 377 of the Indian Penal Code that criminalises homosexuality in India, Queen-Size was a choreographic exploration that took the form of a detailed study of the intimacy between two men. Played out on a charpoy, the duet examined the nuts and bolts – carnal, mechanical, and emotional – of a close encounter between two male bodies. In deliberately making this encounter visible, Queen-Size posed questions around spectatorship, privacy, and dissent. The work was triggered by Nishit Saran’s article titled ‘Why My Bedroom Habits Are Your Business’, first published in the Indian Express in January 2000.

In protest against an archaic law that governs and affects millions of lives, the performance was slated to travel to multiple spaces across different cities and towns in the country between August 2016- March 2017.

The audience could enter the performance space at specific intervals through this period, and stay for as long as they liked.

Performance Trailer:

DANCERS & COLLABORATORS:  Lalit Khatana and Parinay Mehra

CHOREOGRAPHY: Mandeep Raikhy

SOUNDSCORE: Yasuhiro Morinaga


TECHNICAL EXECUTION: Govind Singh & Kavi Dutt

COSTUMES: Virkein Dhar

PHOTOGRAPHER: Desmond Roberts


PRODUCTION SUPPORT: Pro Helvetia- Swiss Arts Council, Japan Foundation, Nishit Saran Foundation & Gati Dance Forum

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