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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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KHOJ with Sakshi Gallery organised the New Delhi preview of Sumedh Rajendran’s Water Without Memory.


Distance stood as an innocent reality, with dust and fog creating human forms in the grimy landscape. Sun filtered its past through shrivelled branches and pale, fluttering leaves. Daylight wants to narrate its sorrow. There were men and women with luggage and kids half asleep, waiting to depart from that old railway platform. The track looks like a timeless creature, with limbs stretched out as parallel lines, measuring the age of human memory. Slowly, a feel of unfamiliarity started seeping into that familiar landscape. A shift of terrain started occurring in the imagination of soil and its gaze. Time in its breathless silence, recollecting its intimacy to earth’s primeval history. Air suspended in an obscure space, starts to thicken and slowly turns solid. Water hardens and ceases to flow. A voice, a dislike, an insight, — a lone soul got disfigured while crossing.

The works deal with familiarity and unfamiliarity, land and distance, intimacy and identity, visibility and invisibility.

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