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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Humara Jamun Bagh

Humara Jamun Baug was part of the 'I Have A Dream project' where artists, farmers, and children from the Paradsinga village collaborated with the local Khirkee residents through different community art projects. The project was an important step in connecting the younger generation with food, soil, and farming.

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For many years KHOJ has been working on social public art projects in and around Khirkee village which have attempted to bring significant changes to the local community. One of KHOJ’s long-term ambitions is to engage and involve artists in working with the local community and Humara Jamun Bagh was one outcome of these intentions. The Humara Jamun Baug community art project was a part of the larger I Have A Dream project initiated by artist Shweta Bhattad. In this project, Bhattad invited artists, farmers, and social organisations from around the world to choose a piece of land in their own countries and to sow seeds of native crops in a pattern that spelled out ‘I Have A Dream’ in their respective local languages and subsequently take aerial images of it. 27 countries had participated in this initiative.

Shweta Bhattad is also the founder of the Gram Art Project. Gram aims to work in and with rural India on different issues pertaining to village life through community-based national and international art projects. Gram is focusing on creating a network between the rural community and artists, social inventors and experts around the world to initiate dialogue which can lead to various sustainable opportunities for all participants. Gram believes collective acts and community-based art practices are great catalysts for change, leading to global awareness and social, cultural, and economic innovation.

The Humara Jamun Bagh community art project, an important element of which was to bring the local residents of Khirkee together to sow a temporary garden, saw participation from the I Have A Dream and Gram teams comprising artists, farmers, and children from the Paradsinga village, to collaborate with the local Khirkee residents through different community art projects.

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