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Charting the Margins

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Co-developing a Peoples’ Place Inventory |आपकी स्थानीय सूची

Charting the Margins – People’s Place Inventory (PPI) – is a pilot programme which covers Okhla and Okhla Industrial Phase 2 with partnership with ASTHA. We are engaging with mothers of children with disabilities to understand their access points within a community ecosystem and determine the quality of public spaces and amenities via deploying tools of place games, photo walks, and a community-led showcase.

People’s Place Inventory (PPI) is a framework that collates crucial citizen-driven information about the quality of public spaces in a city. It is not a tool to standardise urban findings or dilute hyper-local issues’ complexity—it is a repository to document the diversity of perceptions, recommendations and re-imaginations of communities to further spatially demonstrate the nuances of the quality associated with public space.

This participatory effort aims to showcase women’s priorities and the vast complexity of urban issues impacting their everyday lives, and encourage associated action.

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