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The Theatre of Ghosts

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Keeping up with Halloween, the wordless book called ‘The Theatre of Ghosts / Bhooton Ka Rangmanch’ was chosen for the second reading session. The book tells the story of Junali and Rimjhim, as they set out at night to see Bhaona — the traditional drama on the river island of Majuli.

Equipped with a torchlight, the friends walk through the jungle, fields and the wetlands of the river island. But shadows loom everywhere.

The book is a sterling example of a deeply contextual story that echoes universal themes and values while not losing a sense of adventure and fun. 

The story also celebrates Bhaona and its deep rooted legacy in Assam.

The Theatre of Ghosts is written and illustrated by Pankaj Saikia and published by Pratham Books.

The session was attended by Aayush, Abishek, Aditi, Aditya, Aditya, Alok, Aryan, Deep, Marwa, Mishti, Nancy, Niharika, Nitin, Preeti, Rishab, Sahil, Tanu, Tanvi, and Yogesh.

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