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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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KHOJ organised the Open Day of The Undivided Mind : Art and Science Residency, Part I.

The CAAS crew re-imagined KHOJ, Khirkee and the surrounding areas of Delhi as a spaceship. After visitors entered the airlock, they entered a visual metaphor of a spaceship. They were invited to shift their perspectives, through collages that collided the realities of living in the extremes of space with the realities of living in the extremes of dense urban cities.

Interview footage fed into these juxtaposed living scenarios, further demonstrating how these different environments could learn from and inform each other. CAAS was delighted to be joined by Delhi based artist Rohini Devasher, whose video works emphasized the changing shades of blue in the sky and the fragility of greens: these works were positioned alongside CAAS’s scientific prose to deliver a well rounded visual illustration.

The Open Day featured works-in-progress and a panel discussion among the Artists-in-Residence titled City as a Spaceship (Sue Fairburn, Barbara Imhof and Susmita Mohanty), conducted by Rohini Devasher.

KHOJ received support from the Norwegian Embassy.
Barbara Imhof was supported by the Austrian Cultural Forum, New Delhi.

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