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Khoj in collaboration with Offset Projects is thrilled to bring the shortlisted titles from the Hong Kong Photobook Dummy Award for the fist time in India.

The Hong Kong Photobook Festival (HKPBF) is an international initiative that encourages exchanges of ideas and exhibition between cities and communities. As one of the key activities of the HKPBF, the Hong Kong Photobook Dummy Award addresses the photobook’s increasing importance as a medium of expression globally.

The photobook exhibition at Khoj will showcase the incredible work of the 15 shortlisted and winning titles from this years’ Hong Kong Photobook Dummy Award.

Here are the 15 shortlisted and winning titles:

  • Photography Firmly Enters the Everyday by Anna Pylypyuk and Volodymyr Shypotilnykov
  • Hiroshima Graph – Everlasting Flow by Yoshikatsu Fujii
  • Origin by Victoria Li
  • Tropical Trauma Misery Tour by Rafael Roncato
  • The Yoshida Dormitory Old Darkroom by Kanta Nomura
  • Tenative Operatorias no Tratamente de Certas Psicoses by Bruno Claro
  • BULLET by Marco Marzocchi
  • Incorrect Theory by Luigi Cecconi
  • Forever Mine by Anna Bednyska
  • When the Waves are Gone by Christian Babista
  • Halo Tango by Diane Bielik
  • Drift Bottle by Soen Lee
  • The wave by Sunik Kim
  • 呢度真係官觀嚟,It really is Kwun Tong by Cheong-Hang Tam
  • After Winter. Album #58 by Kseniia Fedorova

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